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Based on labor market analysis and current conditions, our strategy for investment during recovery.

As Philadelphia’s Workforce Development Board, Philadelphia Works manages strategic investment of federal, state, local and private funding into job training and employment programming throughout the city and Southeastern Pennsylvania region. While our community navigates economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, now, more than ever, we are prioritizing timely opportunities in occupations that are experiencing employer demand now; show promise for future growth; pay livable wages; and are accessible to workers with diverse educational and employment backgrounds.

To drive this COVID-considerate approach forward and support city leaders and partners as they, too, work toward recovery, Philadelphia Works has identified a set of 2021 –2022 Recovery Occupations. These occupations were drawn from our analysis of labor market and employment data; job posting data; and local employer feedback on the skills and credentials that workers need to become competitive candidates.

All Recovery Occupations have experienced minimal negative impact to employment during the pandemic or have projected growth through 2022 and pay $15.00 or more an hour. Critically, most are middle-skill jobs or low-skill entry points into career paths with opportunity for advancement. These jobs require workers to have educational attainment of an Associate’s degree or less.

2021-2022 Recovery Occupations: Career-Seeker Catalog

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