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Finding quality, skilled talent is an important investment for your business. Philadelphia’s Business Engagement Network has solutions to identify the right employees to boost your bottom line. Our engagement experts use their expertise and relationships to find high-quality employees within a diverse pool of qualified candidates. Tap into the Network’s vast resources to secure top talent with the right skills, and help your business grow and thrive.

Targeted Services

  • Highly publicized targeted Talent Recruitment Events such as job fairs and statewide database listings.
  • Aptitude and Academic Assessment & Screening to match candidates’ skills.
  • Market Intelligence on labor market trends to identify competitive wages.
  • Candidate screening to eliminate time in finding a great match.

Benefits for your business 

  • Wage Subsidy Program – Pennsylvania’s EARN Now Wage Subsidy Program for New Hires allows some employers to be reimbursed for a percentage of the wages they pay their employees.
  • Tax Incentives – Companies operating in certain areas or hiring eligible workers may be eligible for tax credits through the Federal Empowerment Zone Credit, Renewal Community Employment Credit, Work Opportunity Tax Credit, or PREP Tax Credit.
  • Fair Chance Hiring – Employers can earn up to $10,000 in tax credits by tapping new talent pools.
  • Training Reimbursements – Under certain conditions, we invest federal funds to provide on-the-job training for prospective employees, or customized training for employers who agree to hire workers after they receive skills training.

Fasts Facts

  • Each year, approximately 1,350 businesses use our no cost services to find high quality talent.
  • We specialize in recruiting and staffing for small and large employers.

Call the Employer Services Line: 833-750-5627 or contact us at [email protected].

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