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COVID-19 Joblessness in Philadelphia

A Brief on Initial Unemployment Compensation Claimants Residing in Philadelphia During the Local COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak and City Shutdown

Philadelphia Works released a direct analysis of the impact on Philadelphia workers of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and the subsequent City shutdown that followed. Using data from initial unemployment compensation claims from March 15 through May 31, this brief, “Jobless,” explores the unique experiences and economic disparities among residents uncovered by COVID-19 based on zip code, age, race, education, gender, military service, and disability. Workforce development stakeholders, employers, community leaders, and elected officials are encouraged to navigate this publication to make informed decisions about their respective COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Important Disclaimer: After the original publication of this brief, Philadelphia Works identified inconsistencies in state unemployment data describing the highest educational attainment levels of initial claimants. The portions of this brief discussing educational attainment may therefore not reflect the characteristics of Philadelphia claimants accurately. Philadelphia Works is awaiting further guidance from the State on how best to report these data discrepancies.

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