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Philadelphia city experienced an increase in employment to 674,290– an increase of over 10,937 more employed from the previous month. The unemployment was 5.2 percent. Over 37,000 individuals were unemployed in Philadelphia in September 2018.

Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate in September 2018 was 5.2 percent. The unemployment rate decreased by 0.8 percent over the month.

Unemployment: About 37,000 individuals were unemployed. The number of unemployed individuals decreased from a month earlier by 5,187 and decreased by over 5,000 workers compared to a year earlier, August 2017.

Employment: More than 674,000 residents were working in September 2018. The number of employed individuals increased from the previous month by 10,937. 8,789 more workers were employed compared to a year earlier – August 2017.

Labor Force: The labor Force increased over the previous month and declined from the previous year. Over 711,000 individuals were in labor force in September 2018. 5,750 more workers participated in the labor force compared to the previous month and over 3,702 more residents were in the labor force- compared to the previous year.

The charts below show the percentage changes in the employment, labor force, and unemployment since January 2012 – the year when unemployment reached its peak after the Great Recession. In February 2016 employment across the nation has returned to the pre-recession levels. Philadelphia County experienced a different recession story – Philadelphia had decreases in employment later compared to the nation and Pennsylvania and the decreases were not as deep locally as statewide or nationally. Philadelphia returned to the pre-recession employment levels in January 2010.

Computer and Mathematical; Management; Business and financial operations; Sales and Related; Healthcare pract; and Office and Administrative Support occupations were the most advertised occupational families with over 5,300 postings in each group. Highest increases were Computer and Mathematical occupations (19.6 percent) and Food preparation (9.4 percent).

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