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THANK YOU For Your Years of Service!
Happy New Year!
Last Month, ESI celebrated two of its employees for 10 years of service and one for 25 years of service and dedication to Electro Soft, Inc. Bill is a huge Phillies fan, so we commemorated his anniversary with a jersey. Thank you, Bill for your dedication to our company and for hanging with us for so many years. We appreciate you!  

PBJ CEO Award Image2
CEO, Karla Trotman, was chosen as one of PBJ’s Most Admired CEOs of 2023!  “I was thrilled to be able to accept the award with my father in the audience. I can’t imagine what it felt for him to see his daughter on stage, accepting a CEO award for the company he started on the kitchen table.” – Karla Trotman, CEO  

  ESI_ConnectWCommunity SGF2023  

The SGF, as it is called, is my most favorite conference of the year.  This “by invitation only” event brings together people from across the Ernst & Young ecosystem in an effort to connect and leverage one another’s networks.  The difference between this conference and others is the high level of trust.  Whereas most conferences, people hand you their business card or ask that you register in a portal via QR code, the attendees at the SGF will give you their person phone numbers and make strategic introductions on your behalf.  It is a carefully curated event with top speakers and topic experts from around the globe.  


Electro Soft had a banner year, posting the best topline revenue numbers we’ve had in five years!  We have welcomed multiple new employees in Q4 and hosted two recent high school graduates for a manufacturing work experience through the MontcoWorks NOW program.  One of the students did so well that we offered her a full-time position, of which she accepted.  We hope to welcome another high school graduate in January.    

21Hats_subscribe-card ESI was a highlight in last week’s Morning Report!  

ESI CEO 2024(1)  

As we start the New Year, I wanted to share with you three things that made an impact on me as a business owner.   1.  The book Essentialism It was suggested to me by a member of top management at Ernst & Young and it has transformed the way that I honor my calendar.  Time is our most valuable commodity, so I’ve learned how to not overcrowd my calendar with non-essential appointments.  I’ve also started asking for pre-reads and agendas for all calls/meetings so that we can quickly jump to the point. 2.  Using a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to help us with HR and safety support, in addition to doing our payroll.  We are at the brink of needing a full-time HR person, but we cannot commit at this moment to someone who doesn’t produce, so our interim solution has been a PEO.  So far, they have helped us review our policies and codify them in our employee manual, do standing forklift training, give best practices when it come to hiring, and more. 3.  Job Scorecards – taken from the book Topgrading, this tool contains solid metrics for each position, which is helpful when it comes to hiring, firing, promoting, or demoting individuals.  In my opinion, it is stronger than a simple job description as it explains what succeeding in a role looks like. What has impacted the way that you have done business over the past year? Please Share!!
Karla Trotman, CEO of Electro Soft, Inc.    

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