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Job Openings in Philadelphia County

There were 32,249 web advertised job openings in Philadelphia city in November 2018. Job openings advertised on the web increased by 1,525 in Philadelphia City compared to March 2018. The number of postings:

increased by 5 percent compared to the previous month, October 2018

increased by 1 percent compared to a year previous, October 2017

Comparing the ratio of unemployed Philadelphians to web-advertised job openings ( a proxy for the supply of workers versus the demand), there were 1.10 unemployed persons per advertised position.

There were 35,569  unemployed Philadelphians in November 2018.

Since the beginning of the job postings series in 2010, the highest number of postings was registered in August 2012 at 35,336; the lowest number of postings was in December 2011 at 22,720 postings.

The unadjusted HWOL data series were used in the charts and tables. The count of job postings reported in original series (and not adjusted retrospectively) may vary from the series reported in the Fast Facts publications.

Job Openings by Major Occupational Groups

Computer and Mathematical occupations; Management, and Healthcare Practitioners had the largest number of postings – accounting for 42 percent of all jobs advertised.

Business and Financial Operations, Office and Administrative Support positions, and Sales and Related occupations accounted for another 27 percent of total openings in November 2018.

The biggest decline in job openings by a major occupation was in Healthcare Practitioners, these fell by 418 postings.

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